YHS Color guard

Mark your calendars

2019 Season Important Dates


Location: Meet in YHS Choir Room
  • Wednesday, July 24; 9-1pm
  • Thursday, July 25; 9-1pm
  • Friday, July 26; 9-1pm
  • Monday, July 29; 9-1pm


Meet in YHS Choir Room
  • Tuesday, July 30; 8-12pm - newbies & section leaders only
  • Wednesday, July 31; 8-5pm
  • Thursday, Aug 1; 8-5pm
  • Friday, Aug 2; 8-5pm
  • Saturday, Aug 3; 9-1pm (work day)
  • Monday, Aug 5; 8-5pm
  • Tuesday, Aug 6; 8-5pm

* Daily after-school rehearsals begin Tues, Aug 13th from 3-5pm

* Color guard will have mandatory sectionals on Tuesdays immediately after rehearsal from 5-630pm and on Wednesdays from 3-4pm

Please see the Marching Foxes Website (link above) for a full schedule of rehearsals and performances

Stay informed with Remind101

This is the quickest and easiest way to communicate with the color guard. The majority of information will be shared this way.

Veteran members do not have to rejoin.

Parents are welcome to join as well.

1. Text @yhsguard19 to the number 81010

2. You will receive a welcome text from Remind

3. If you have trouble text @yhsguard19 to

(708) 589-4268

Season Video 2018

2018 POTC Season Recap

Step Up Day - What is Color Guard?

Step Up Day 2018.mp4