Jay Cohen

Founder, Executive Director

A graduate of Temple with a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Urban Studies with a focus on the Digital Divide, Jay spent over 10 years as the Director of Educational Technology at WHYY Public Broadcasting and then Educational Technology and FamilyNet Manager in the School District of Philadelphia. At WHYY, Jay acquired and managed the Education Connection Project, which became one of the first programs in the country to test the use of used and low-cost computers in the home as a way of enhancing student academic achievement. With the School District of Philadelphia, Jay worked on developing programs and technologies that helped empower communities and bridge the Economic & Digital Divide, coordinating technology training to thousands of parents in the community and increasing general access to technology. Jay also designed, programmed and maintained an Excel-based inventory system to manage District equipment, directed a Computer Refurbishing Initiative which delivered over 3,500 computers to schools in Philadelphia, co-authored a survey and analysis on computer ownership and Internet access in homes of students, and created numerous spreadsheet-based applications to assist the District in the analysis of data. Leading from this experience, Jay has now spent the last 5 years creating and directing xSoTec, an information systems company using Google Spreadsheets and Scripts to provide schools and non-profits with accessible and low-cost data management solutions.

Eliana Cohen

Chief Technology Officer, Senior Developer

Having attended Johns Hopkins University for two years, she joined xSoTec in the summer of 2016 to follow her passion in actually creating and utilizing software in the real world. She now oversees all of xSoTec’s paid school development projects, and is establishing herself in the Google Developer community as a Sheets formula master.

Ana Cohen

Business Development Director

A 2017 graduate of the University of Pennyslvania, Ana joined xSoTec in January 2018 to aid in product and script testing. Her role quickly expanded to meet the needs of this growing tech startup to include branding, finances, communications and apprenticeship training/development. She plans to continue gaining experience in the entrepreneurial tech and business sector before pursuing a career in nano-engineering.

Gail Joan Cohen

Chief Operations Officer

Gail Cohen is responsible for payroll and accounting. She received her Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene from Temple University and spent 31 years in dentistry alongside her husband. She has always been passionately devoted to children, and also spends her time as an author and speaker. Her current book is called, "Guiding Children" a parent's practical manual for guiding children from infancy to responsible adults and enjoying the process.

Gary Cohen

Chairman of the Board, PhillyParents, LLC

Gary brings expertise from his many years in the many aspects of business. Having helped in the family hardware store, Gary grew up seeing how to manage a business. Having received his MD in Dentistry from the Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, Gary spent many years as a dentist beginning at Loring Air Force Base in Maine to owning and operating his own practices in Philadelphia and Lebanon, PA. After retiring, Gary has continued to work as an entrepreneur and regular volunteer in his community.