Summer 2023 

K-12 Summer Assignments

In order to get better at reading, students must spend large quantities of time actually reading. We encourage all of our students to read as much and as often as possible while on summer break. Research states that this reading time is most beneficial when children read books of high-interest on their independent reading level.  Based on your child's incoming grade level for September, please use the links provided to locate suggested leveled reading lists and resources.  

Students in Grades 6-8 are provided with a list of books and helpful links based upon their reading level to support finding their "just right" book. We encourage you to use your public library as a valuable resource for access to leveled texts.

Please navigate the page links to the top left in order to find your applicable assignment.


Mrs. Denise Velez

Director of Elementary Education

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Barry Albert

WRMS Assistant Principal of Humanities  

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Michael Attanasio

WRMS Assistant Principal of Math, Health and Physical Education  

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Michael Corso

 WRMS Assistant Principal of Science, Applied Technology  and  Performing Arts | 201-664-5560 x 2006

Heather Goffe

HS Assistant Principal of Math, Science, Applied Technology, and Business | 201-664-0880 x 2068

Michael Kenduck

HS Assistant Principal: Social Studies, English, World Language, ESL or | 201-664-0880 x 2070

 Christopher Mello

HS Assistant Principal of Visual and Performing Arts, Guidance or 201-664-0880 x2067