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Required Materials for the School Year:

- Graphing Calculator (TI-84 highly recommended) - All students are required to have a graphing calculator!

- 3-Ring Binder (1 and 1/2 inches recommended)

- Ruler with inches and centimeters

-Pencils/ erasers

- For Geometry students only: Compass and Protractor


For online tutorial videos and extra practice, click here: or

For online extra help lessons, click here: or

For an online scientific calculator, click here:

For an online graphing calculator, click here:

For online graph paper, click here:

For an online website to help with graphing and interpreting functions, click here:


For help staying organized with assignments, use MyHomeworkApp.

For help with solving problems, use PhotoMath.

For a graphing calculator, use Desmos.

Acceptable Games to Play in Math Class: (Only if you have already completed the task at hand!)

Game About Squares

4 Numbers (24)

Rubik's Cube




"Acquiring good math skills resembles building a skyscraper in that regardless of how high you ultimately go, you must first begin with a good foundation." ~ Senitha Frost