Health & PE Department

The Physical Education and Health Department has been working throughout the school year to update and enhance the existing curriculum. The department is focusing on the promotion of lifetime fitness for all students, as it is our goal for them to graduate with a thorough understanding and appreciation of overall health and wellness.

The high school program is excited about continuing to shift into a fitness model that promotes goal setting, mental health, and overall well being. The department is continuing to explore a "choice" model, where upperclassmen students have the opportunity to pick their own activities and daily fitness exercises. The department already has many of these changes in place for September, yet there is still a lot of work to be done in future years in order to create a program that is truly about lifetime fitness!

-Danny Vivino (Physical Education & Health Supervisor)

Department Teachers

Patricia Buckley (School Nurse/Health)

Andrew Camporeale (Physical Education & Driver's Education)

Kayla Frohlich (Physical Education & Health)

George Glover (Physical Education)

Rebecca Fasano (Physical Education & Health)

Bethany Kazimir (Physical Education, Health, & Sports Medicine)

Kathy Moroney (Physical Education & Health)

Joe Ortiz (Physical Education & Health)

Dan Rattacasa (Physical Education)

Nick Urbanovich (Physical Education)

*Please visit the staff page for teacher contact information