Patricia Buckley RN CSN

Jennifer Sullivan RN

School Nurses WWRSD Jr/Sr High School and Preschool

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HEALTH OFFICE FAX: (201) 664-4865

(201) 664-0880 ext. 2087

(201) 664-0880 ext. 2072

Preschool Flu Vaccination

Flu vaccination annual requirement for Preschool students 59 months of age and under: NJ State Department of Health requirements for school attendance include administration of influenza vaccination for preschool students between September 1st and December 31st each school year. If you child has not received the vaccine as yet, please make an appointment with your pediatrician as soon as possible for full protection. No child will be admitted to class in January without documented proof of vaccination.


Annual Blood Drive coming soon to Westwood Jr/Sr. High School

Did you know that every 2.5 seconds someone needs blood? Every year we sponsor a blood drive and encourage students and staff to give blood. Most of our donors are "first timers" and students express a great sense of accomplishment after donating blood. This unselfish act provides blood to those in need and a sense of giving back to the community for all who participate. The blood drive is held in March, at which time two blood mobile buses from Community Blood Services park in front of the high school for the entire day to accommodate all who wish to donate. For more information about donating blood, check out the Community Blood Services website.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the country's public health partner providing the latest information about signs, symptoms,

and severity of disease and illness effecting our communities as well as suggestions for preventative measures and relevant resources .

You may visit the CDC's web site at for additional information.

Eighth Grade Students with Life Threatening Allergies Education Program

Each year the school nurses invite 8th grade students with life threatening allergies, requiring administration of epinephrine, to participate in an education program regarding their allergy prevention and treatment. The program addresses each student's Food Allergy Action Plan as per their health care provider and parent. The purpose of the program is to educate the students about their allergies, promote self advocacy and instruct the students in self administration of epinephrine based on their Food Allergy Action Plan. Life threatening allergies can be to foods, bee stings or other antigens. Please contact the school nurse for further information about the program.