About Our Program:

The West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District is proud to offer a Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program at the elementary school level.  WW-P currently offers two programs: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. At the K-3 level, Mandarin Chinese is offered at Maurice Hawk Elementary School. Starting in September of 2024, the DLI Spanish Kindergarten program will be located at Wicoff Elementary School. DLI Spanish Grades 1-3 will remain at Dutch Neck for the 2024-25 school year, and will transition to Wicoff one year at a time until every K-3 DLI classroom has moved to Wicoff.  At the 4th & 5th grade level, both Spanish and Chinese are offered at Village Elementary School. In September 2024, our DLI Continuation Program will begin at Community Middle School.

All WW-P students are eligible to apply for the program before the start of kindergarten. We are fortunate to welcome a robust blend of new language learners and students who already speak the language in the DLI Kindergarten program each fall. These students form a DLI cohort that continues together through 5th grade.  As it is anticipated that many students in the program and their families will be English or Spanish/Chinese learners, lessons are designed for students who are beginning to learn the program languages.


The mission of the DLI program is to support students as they learn core academic content and skills through the target language (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese), thereby acquiring a high level of communicative and academic proficiency in both English and the target language. The program also seeks to foster strong intercultural competence in every learner; we want students to grow in their knowledge and appreciation of other cultures, to develop a deeper understanding of their own cultures, and to learn how to communicate effectively across global communities. 

Program Structure:

Our program is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and all other content areas.  Our K-5 DLI program follows a 50:50 model. In this model, students experience 50% of the day in English and 50% in the target language: Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. During the target language half of the day, a Spanish or Chinese-speaking teacher teaches Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish/Chinese Literacy exclusively in the target language. During the English half of the day, a partner teacher provides English Language Arts instruction in Reading, Writing, and Word Study. In this model, academic content and key skills are reinforced in both languages throughout the day. 

For an informational video about Dual Language Immersion Programs, click HERE.