West Washington Counselors' Corner




Get organized!! A huge part of school is being organized. You need to have a binder. Try to get folders with inserts or dividers to put in the binder. This will help you to stay organized by color and by class. If you have all your papers together and not separated you'll get disorganized and you won't be able to succeed! Also get a folder for each class. A plastic one is best because they last the whole year. Use these for homework and for any loose handouts. Get a notebook for each class, too, so you can take notes, from which you can study for your tests. When you get homework, schoolwork, or anything else, always put the date, subject, and teacher name so when you do organize, it will be easier to find things. The more organized you are, the easier to keep track of school events and homework.


Get a planner. You should get a calendar, planner, or agenda. This way, you can write each of your assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, essays and notifications such as dances, field trips, or holidays. Make sure that you actually use it daily. There's really no point in purchasing equipment that you don't use.


Take notes and study with them! When you hear a test or a quiz is coming up, immediately write it in your homework book and start planning study time. If you have 3 days before a quiz then study for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening until the test or quiz. It's very helpful to write the problems and answer them because they will stick in your head. Also, make sure your notes are readable. If your notes aren't readable, how can you use them as a study tool?

          • It helps to have a study group so you can all get prepared for the test. You can even study with one person if that's all you have!


Do your homework. An important part of getting good grades is finishing and turning in homework on time. Take as much time as you can to finish your homework. Don't leave it until the last minute because that will stress you out and you won't be able to complete your homework effectively.


Don't procrastinate. If you put off too many things you will not get good grades. Remember to do homework first. Not track, choir, or anything else. School always comes first.


Know when you have a quiz or test. Study a lot for the ones you're bad at. The hardest subject is usually math because memorizing the answers won't work. Go over previous quizzes and tests. Realize your mistakes and don't do them again!


Ask questions. Your teachers are there to help you. They sometimes love questions. If you are confused about something, drop in during lunch or free time, after school or before school!


Find out if you can do any extra credit. This will help during the end of the quarter or trimester or semester. If you have an 85% in the class and you really want an A, do the extra credit! Always ask early; you don't want to wait! Before depending whether you should ask for extra credit work, consult your teacher and make sure they accept extra credit, whereas many teachers will not.


If you have a substitute, ask the teacher or a friend to help. They can always help you if they get the problem.


Develop a friendship with your teacher. This will make your teacher more willing to answer questions, share information, etc. Make friends with your teacher by introducing yourself on the very first day of school, answering any questions they may have, and being polite. Show your teacher that you are a good student. Do this by asking questions, putting lots of effort into your schoolwork, using your free time to do extra research, doing your work without being distracted by talking to your friends, and always following your teacher's rules. Doing this will make your teacher think you deserve to get good grades. Now that you have developed a friendship with your teacher, and proven to them that you are a good student, it’s time to sit down with them and ask them what exactly you have to do to get a four in every subject. If your teacher is your friend, and thinks you are a good student, they will be happy to share. Write down everything that they tell you, and do it. Knowing exactly what your teacher expects of you, will make the chances of getting good grades, much better.

        • As well as following the instructions that your teacher gives you, do extra work that they didn't mention, such as reading the dictionary a lot to find the meanings of long words that most kids your age don’t know so your teacher will think you are smart.