Dommett Volume 1 Part 2

Volume 1 - Cotswold Morris - Part 2

Table of Contents

Section 10 - The Dances

The Abingdon Morris

Further Notes on Abingdon

Jigs - Handwritten Notes

The Ock Street Morris - A New Dance

The Adderbury Morris

The Ascott-Under-Wychwood Morris - Notations

The Badby Morris - Notations and Tunes

The Bampton Morris - Background and Notations (1964)

Another Look

Jinky's Tunes

The Bessels Leigh Morris

Second Issue (Bessels Leigh)

Third Issue (Bessels Leigh)

The Bidford Morris and Tunes

The Bledington Morris - Notations

The Brackley Morris

The Brailes Morris

The Bucknell Morris

The Chipping Campden Morris - Background Notations and Tunes

The Ducklington Morris - Notations

The Eynsham Morris

The Fieldtown Morris

The Filkins Morris

The Headington Quarry Morris

Sharp MSS and Schaf, Handwritten Copies

Kimber Headington Tunes

Manning MSS Headington Tunes

Ganiford's 4:4 Headington Tunes

Kimber Jig Tunes

Esperance Headington Morris

Trafford Pre-Revival Headington Notations

Carey MSS (RD Handwritten Copy)

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes from Emma Dorothea Herschel and Percy Manning MSS

Miscellaneous Correspondence (and Notes from Herschel and Manning MSS)

Letter from RFD to Lionel Bacon MSS

Morris Dance Tunes from William Kimber

Kenworthy Schofield MSS

Oxford University Morris Men

Headington Quarry At Albert Hall

The Hinton In The Hedges Morris

The Ilmington Morris

The Kirtlington Morris

The Longborough Morris

The Lower Swell Morris

The Noke Morris

The North Leigh Morris

The Oddington Morris

The Sherborne Morris

The Wheatley Morris

The Withington Morris

The Stanton Harcourt Morris