Dommett Volume 1 Part 1

Volume 1 - Cotswold Morris - Part 1

Roy Dommett's Autobiography

Section 1 - History

How It Began

The Morris in the Early 19th Century

The Morris Ale in the Early 19th Century

Robert Dover's Olympic Games

Captain Robert Dover's Olympik Games

General Monck, His March, and His Maypole in the Strand

How Did You Think It Was?

The Cotswold Morris in the Twentieth Century

The Cotswold Morris

Section 2 - Contemporary Morris

The Morris in a Club Context, The Future of the Morris: A Late 1970's View

The Morris Ring; A Possible Viewpoint

Contemporary Change

What Has Been Happening To the Morris?

Who Should Dance the Morris?

Styles for Clubs

Some Crisis Points in Morris Clubs

Common Faults of Women Morris Dancing

From Folk Dance to Festivals, What Are We Talking About?

What Form for a Coltswold Competition?

Section 3 - Costume

Costume Details - Rosettes

Section 4 - Archiving the Morris

Filming Morris and Dance Customs

The Dommett Film Archive

Writing the Article

Section 5 - Characters

Characters and the Morris

The Roots of Clowning

About the Art of Clowning

Jinky Wells: Master Fool and Self-Taught Fiddler

Section 6 - Style

Style, Self-Expression and Basics

Cotswold Basics

The Coltswold Morris Workshop

Section 7 - The Music of the Morris

Playing for the Morris

Known Tunes or Dance Titles With No Notation

Extra Tunes Not Included in the Bacon Handbook

Extra Tunes for Locations Not Included in the Bacon Handbook

Section 8 - Repertoire

General Comments on the Traditional Repertoire

The Cotswold Tradition - Simplicity?

Cotswold Traditions - My Lord of Sherborne's Jig

Section 9 - Recent Coltswold Style Dance Ideas

Recent Stick Dances

The Finding of Gold

The Lass of Richmond Hill

Nine Men's Morris