Equity & Antiracism at Winooski

Equity & Antiracism at Winooski School District

Welcome! This website offers a space that compiles information about the equity and antiracism work happening at Winooski School District (WSD), with particular focus on the implementation status of the Winooski Students for Antiracism (WSA) demands. The purpose of this site is to organize the work around a common vision of equity and antiracism and to provide clear, transparent updates about what is happening and how the community can get involved.

The site is organized around these areas:

  • Context: Provides a timeline of events from June to September of 2020 centered on interactions among the Winooski School Board, the WSD Leadership Team, and WSA. There are links to relevant resources and documents to understand how and why the Board made decisions related to the WSA demands.

  • Vision & Actions: Shares the vision for equity and antiracism at Winooski and highlights the three major areas of action.

    1. WSA Student Demands - Details the exact language of each WSA demand and includes a status update of each one. Also has important information about the WSD Antiracism Steering Committee and the latest updates from each of the demand working groups.

    2. Restorative Justice - Shares an explanation and overview of restorative justice (RJ) and outlines the district's implementation plan for RJ. Also includes details about the district's Youth-Adult Participatory Action Research (YPAR) team.

    3. Professional Learning - Presents a district-wide vision for professional learning grounded in equity and antiracism and houses documents pertinent to upcoming professional learning experiences at Winooski.

  • Community Engagement - Shares a calendar of upcoming events related to equity and antiracism work in the district so community members know what is happening and how they can get involved. Also includes an archive of past events.

Please navigate through the website to learn about Winooski's ongoing journey toward a more just and equitable school community. Also, if you have questions or comments along the way, please use the Google Forms linked at the bottom of each page.