STEM Olympiad

Events in 2019 - May 7th 9:15 to 11:15 am

*Krypto (Every year)

*Set (Every year)

*Pentominoes (will be an event each year through 2022)

*Tile Trials (will be an event each year through 2022)

*Experimental Design (new for 2019)

*Propeller Car (Mobile event will change each year)

Event Rules and Resources

Krypto (Played every year)

Krypto Rules
Krypto Introduction

Set (Played every year)

SET Rules

Online Set Games - Use the two sites below for fun, daily online Set practice.

Pentominoes (Every year through 2022)

Pentomino Rules

Tile Trials (Every year through 2022)

Tile Trials Rules

Experimental Design: The NEW Science Event

Experimental Design

Propeller Car (2019 Event)

Propeller Car Race with ILOs 2015.doc