Hey Scorpions,

We want to invite anyone who is interested in being part of the HOPE squad for the 2024/2025 year.  Please read the purpose and the expectations before applying.


We are a group of students/fellow peers that help promote and encourage HOPE throughout the school.  You will learn skills and techniques to help you be a listener for your fellow classmates that may need the extra help and encouragement to be a successful human. Your job isn't to prevent and counsel fellow peers during their dark and stressful times, but to help them know where and who to go to get help.  As a squad our goal is to promote HOPE throughout the school with many different activities such as kindness week and HOPE week, random kindness and  cheerfulness through the school.  Our goal is to make Sand Ridge very inclusive and make everyone feel that they belong and are part of a sharing and loving community.


-You are Awesome

-You listen to people

-You work hard in school and at home

-You like to work with a team

-Help plan and implement HOPE squad activities throughout the year

We will be sending a form to your current teachers to get their view and opinion on your nomination. Once we receive those back we will review the information.  We will only be picking a small number of students to join the current squad.

We will be notifying you if you are part of next year's HOPE squad.

Thank you for your interest in joining us to make a great awesome HOPE squad team for next year.

Your HOPE squad advisors for next year

Mrs. Wolthuis & Mrs. Wheeler 

Are you interested in joining our Squad? 

Applications only accepted in April 23/24

This link is currently disabled until next year


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What is Hope Squad?

Hope Squad is our Suicide Prevention Team.  It consists of students nominated by their peers and trained to become the eyes and ears for students going through personal trauma.  The Hope Squad is trained on how to identify these students, and direct them to the help they need.  Hope Squad also facilitates school wide activities to promote a culture of support and Sand Ridge pride.

Hope Squad Happenings