Scholarships & Financial Aid


General Scholarship List

The list is consistently being updated. Keep checking. 

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Scholarship Deadline Calendar

Popular Utah Based Scholarships

Click the links below to be directed to popular scholarships in the state. See counselor for help and resources. 

SOME of our Favorite Scholarship Websites

Apply to as many Scholarships as you can!!!

Tips on writing a WINNING Scholarship Essay

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Financial Aid


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This should be completed beginning October 1st of Senior year.

It is recommended that all students applying to college fill out a FAFSA through

Need Based Aid received through FAFSA:

Grants: PELL, SEOG, SSOG, ULF, etc. Grants are like scholarships, you don’t need to pay them back. 

Loans: Perkins and Stafford Loans are low interest student loans available to those who qualify under federally established guidelines. 

Work Study: The work study program is also federally funded and provides part time on campus work opportunities from 5 to 20 hours per week.

<----------Click here to go to the official FAFSA site!