Why Chromebooks?

Wachusett Regional School District students and staff have used Google Apps for Education since 2012. Chromebooks have become the portable device of choice for school districts using Google Apps for many reasons.

  • Simplicity: Chromebooks integrate perfectly with Google accounts, simplifying computer logins and efficiently providing access to essential tools for our students.
  • Security: The Chrome operating system does not require anti-virus software or security updates of any kind. The devices update themselves automatically as needed each time they're turned on.
  • Management: Chromebooks are managed remotely by district technology staff so apps, extensions, and settings can be deployed automatically.
  • Control: District Chromebooks are configured to only allow logins using district Google accounts. These restrictions ensure that students' access to internet resources can be filtered and monitored effectively.
  • Affordability: Not only do Chromebooks cost considerably less than other laptops, Google offers its full suite of apps to schools for free. This represents a substantial cost savings compared to the traditional model of purchasing a computer and then purchasing the software you need.
  • Efficiency: Chromebooks boot up in less than 10 seconds and a fully charged Chromebook battery lasts up to 11 hours. These features allow students to spend less time waiting for their equipment to be ready and more time working, collaborating, and exploring.