Important Information

Device Care

Chromebooks distributed to students in our 1:1 program are property of the school district. As such, they must be treated with care and kept safe from abuse, accidental damage, and theft.

Parents will be required to sign an agreement stating that they may be obligated to partially reimburse the district for costs associated with damaged, lost, or stolen Chromebooks. This fee will be determined on a per-case basis depending on the circumstances, as well as the specific cost of repair or replacement, and will be limited to no more than $100 per incident. Device malfunctions or failures encountered through normal use will obviously not incur a fee.

It should be noted that district Chromebooks are of little or no value if stolen because they can and will be completely disabled by remote management once reported missing. A lost or stolen Chromebook will only display a message instructing the holder to return the device to Wachusett Regional High School.

Student Expectations

Students in our 1:1 program will be expected to:

  • Treat their assigned Chromebooks with care at all times
  • Arrive at school with a fully-charged Chromebook every day
  • Follow teachers' instructions as to when Chromebooks may or may not be used in class
  • Use their assigned Chromebooks for legitimate educational work
  • Promptly report any Chromebook malfunction, damage, loss, or theft