Welcome Wizard Families!

This website will be used by ALL the TK and Kindergarten teachers at JX Wilson School. We know that these are uncertain times and we hope that the information here will help you and your student have a successful learning experience for as long as we need to teach from home. Our goal is to update this webpage every week with a weeks worth of documents, worksheets, videos and suggestions. We have linked learning programs that we recommend here as well.

We are here for you! ~ Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Hartwick, Mrs. Lopez and Ms. Fink

May 11 - June 1

Life Cycles

long vowels (a e i o u) & CVC words

put want this saw

April 19 - May 8

Unit 9: Community Helpers

Xx Zz vowels (a e i o u)

my to of what put want this saw

March 30 - April 17

Unit 8: Weather & Seasons

Kk Yy Vv Qq

look me come here

epic! Digital library of books & videos

Class Codes for epic!

Epic is available during school hours (8am-3pm) when using a class code.

KA = dhe7299

KB = yey7538

KC = gnx5404

To use epic outside of school hours (it's called Remote Access) you need to sign on through the email link that was sent to you from your teacher.

Starfall Education: Kids games, movies and books for grades K-3

Contact your teacher if you need a username or password.

Click the button above to launch the program.

Class Codes for Splash Math