World Parks Week 2018 - Event Submission Instructions

World Parks Week will be from the 28th of April to 6th of May 2018. You are welcome to submit as many Urban Parks events as you would like that fall between those dates and are aligned with the World Urban Parks mission and vision.


A World where people value and have easy access to quality urban parks, open space and recreation.


To promote and support the provision, effective management and use of urban parks, open space and recreation world-wide as an integral contribution to healthy communities connected to the natural world.

Please have the following information ready to submit,

1. Title of event

2. Description of event (including url link to an event website or organisation website)

3. Date and time of event

4. Location of event

5. Picture/Image/Logo

Your event will be promoted on our website through a Map of World Events. You will receive a World Parks Week Logo to use in promotions as well as sample tweets. We encourage you to follow up with a short description of how the event went with a picture to potentially be featured in our monthly newsletter as well as on our website.

If you have any questions please email the secretariat coordinator at

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