Wellbeing at Woodlands

 What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is how someone feels and how they function in their everyday life. It is more than just about feeling happy; it is about how satisfied you are and how in control you are of your emotional and physical health.  Wellbeing impacts everything we do. 

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What are the 5 ways to Wellbeing?

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. There are 5 things you could do to try to improve your overall wellbeing.

Have you had your 5 a day?

Can you achieve a balanced wellbeing diet by trying to achieve the 5 ways to wellbeing each day?

Feeling close to, and valued by, other people is very important for overall wellbeing. Communicating with friends, family and collegues can help you function better in the world. People around you can help by listening to you and likewise you can help others by connecting with them. 

With this in mind, try to do something different today and make a connection. 

Here are a few ideas: 

Doing regular exercise can help you feel good because your body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduce the feeling of pain.  Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. 

Today, why not get physical?

Here are a few ideas:

Being aware of your surroundings will help you to be 'present in the moment'. 

Take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you. 

Here are a few ideas:

Helping others can give us a greater sense of happiness. 

In what ways have you given to others recently? 

Here are a few ideas: 

Learning new things helps to boost self esteem and setting goals is good for wellbeing.   

Why not learn something new today? 

Here are a few ideas:

Kindness Calendar 

Why not try a new thing each day of this month...