Bellows Falls Middle School 

6th Grade Team

BFMS Team 6 Members:

Candice Hahn Clark  - Math,

Cristal Farnsworth  - ELA,

 Josh Ferenc - Science/Social Studies,

Jenny-Lynn Morey - Special Education,

Kirsten Larson - Math Intervention,

Jessica Illingworth - Reading Intervention,

Jenny Kessler - ELL,

Kathy-Rae Henley - Counseling,


We are so excited to meet all of you and begin what will be an epic year. We work hard to make sure that members of our team have similar expectations in terms of behavior, work quality, and experiences so that students can feel assured that they are getting a cohesive program. Our team is committed to partnering with our community to ensure growth and inspire lifelong learning for each and every student.

Team Objectives

Our goal is to engage, educate, and prepare all students to become self-directed learners and creative problem solvers. We accomplish this by focusing on developing community, perseverance, kindness, cooperation, grit, and safety. 

Nature Based Learning Initiatives 

Outdoor Wilderness Learning: OWL

Our team is invested in using Nature Based Learning, which is inclusive to all students in 6th grade. Intercurricular units will be established and nature based learning will be incorporated into our units. Students will be outside the classroom in a nature based learning environment at least once a week.

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Candice Clark
6th Grade Math
6th Grade Advisory

Josh Ferenc
6th grade Science/Social Studies
6th Grade Advisory

Cristal Farnsworth
6th Grade ELA
6th Grade Advisory

Kathy-Rae Henley
6/7 School Counselor

Kirsten Larson
Math Interventionist

Jenny-Lynn Morey

Special Educator

Jessica Illingworth

Literacy Interventionist