Modal Analysis

We have a full suite of tools and software for data acquisition and modal analysis and structural testing. Our capabilities include large scale testing with a 144 channel system. We are currently engaged in seeking grants to obtain larger systems. We have cutting edge m+p International SO Analyzer for data acquisition and can curve fit your modal data using the latest algorithms, including advanced time and frequency domain techniques.

We have experience in modal correlation and update and can take data with that in mind. We use FEMTools for Correlation and Update. If a pretest analysis is desired we can create a Finite Element Model (FEM) and preform pretest analysis using the FEMTools software for guided transducer placement.

If you need to test highly damped or built up structures, we have gained significant experience in testing of this type from our work on industrial machinery.

Our tools include:


  • Modal Mallet and Sledge
  • 100 lbf Modal Shop Shaker
  • 1000 lbf Xcite Servo-Hydraulic Shaker [1106-4- T/C]


  • VTI VXI 144 Channel Front End [1432A with 1434 independent source card]
  • NI c-DAQ customizable front end
  • 80 triaxial structural test accelerometers
  • Various other accelerometers and transducers


  • m+p SO Analyzer

Contact Information

Phone +1 (810) 292-9258