CAE Analysis

We have extensive experience with simulation, particularly structural CAE analysis. Our paradigm is that any simulation performed should be comparable to measurable data. Our experience in experimental analysis sets us apart as source for your simulation needs. We are constantly learning from data we've captured and applying what we learn to give you the best , highest fidelity, and accurate simulation possible. We have extensive experience with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software such as NX NASTRAN and Simcenter. We typically use Simcenter to build models which will be solved in one of our other Finite Element packages. We strive to use the best, latest modeling techniques to produce results to the highest standard so you will be a return customer for our engineering services.

CAE Tools

Simcenter with NASTRAN

Construction of Finite Element Models (FEM)

Finite element models are constructed with purpose in mind. Early in the design stage, rough FEMs can be built and solved to help drive design. For finish products, a finer, high-fidelity mesh can be made for use with our suite of simulation capabilities.

Mesh quality checking

Simulation of linear problems

Linear analysis is simple and can flush out many design inadequacies and opportunities. We use Simcenter with NASTRAN for simple linear analysis because of its ability to quickly modify models for design variations.

LS Dyna and LS Opt

Simulation of nonlinear problems

Crashes / Collisions [Explicit]

Highly nonlinear static simulations [Implicit]


Topology Optimization

Variation of Parameters


Solution of dynamic models

Calculation of response curves

Model Correlation

Model Update

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