Kindergarten B

Mrs. Jordan & Mrs. Candeloro

We want our students to be warm and comfortable in our halls and at recess. Therefore, students will begin to wear cold weather uniforms. Please make sure your student is wearing suitable outerwear for outdoor recess or he or she will not be allowed outside for recess.

Question? Check this web page or the K Info handbook given to you at Back to School Night and posted electronically on this web page.

Parents, please remember that most of your questions may be answered in the following ways: checking this web site (especially the Quick View Calendar tab, the HW tab, the Good to Know tab, the K Info Booklet tab, etc.); the parent folder and hard copy K info booklet given to you in September at Back to School Night; the info clipped into your child's folder. Checking the Quick View Calendar and Good to Know tabs daily is the most efficient way to stay on top of all things in K-B.


K-B is a peanut and nut-free classroom.

WMA Kindergarten

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