Sub-4 Min Mile Club WI

For all of the great distance running that has come from
Wisconsin, only 6 runners have ever broken 4:00 on Wisconsin soil.

1-2.  Chris Solinsky and Matt Tegenkamp: In 2009, these two former Badgers broke 4:00 on
the UW track in front of a large
Wisconsin crowd that wanted to
see history on Wisconsin soil. 

3.  In the midst of the Covid
shutdown of 2020, Oliver Hoare,
UW middle distance star, broke
4:00 in front of a very small
group on the Verona HS track

4-6. In the 2021 Wisco Mile
3 more runners were added to
the sub4 club.  Shane Streich,
Olin Hacker, and Jackson Sharpe
all broke 4 in front of a large
crowd on the Wisco track.