Awards / Prize Money


The winner of each race will win the coveted Sendik's pineapple.

Why the pineapple? The Ancient Olympic Games had the victory wreath.  The Indy 500 has the jug of milk.  The Masters has the green jacket.  And the Wisco Mile has the coveted pineapple!  It is a great looking piece of fruit, fun to hold on a victory stand, and represents one of our faithful sponsors: Sendik's Food Market.

For each race category the top 3 males and top 3 females will win a Wisco Mile customized medal.

Super Mile Prize Money:

Special Awards:

Fastest Running Store: Combined time of 4 members of a Running Store racing team (travelling customized trophy)

Fastest Family: Combined time of 3 family members with at least 1 female ($100 gift card)

Fastest Couple: Combined time of 1 male / 1 female of any mile category ($100 gift card)

Fastest COED High School Team: Combined time of 4 runners from the same school with at least 1 female (GoodR sunglasses for each)

**Runners may only indicate their eligibility for 1 special award. This is done through the online registration only.


 Master's Money Mile: