JHIS Music

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis


Mrs. Davis is currently on leave. Please contact Ms. Joyous DeMark with any music related concerns at jdemark@wjhsd.net.


General music classes will be offered in your child's homeroom for the 2020-21 school year.


We believe that music is best learned through experience. We teach music through a variety of different methods, and will incorporate kinesthetic activities, individual and collaborative games, and visual and aural challenges. Students will sing, move, and play a variety of instruments alone and together.

We encourage the importance of listening and mutual respect. Music class is a safe and supportive environment to try new things and experiment with new skills, such as improvising.

While this school year may require us to alter how our typical music classes unfold, we are dedicated to ensuring that your child's music education will be enriching. We hope that music will be a positive learning outlet in your child's life!


We strive to show our district's Core Values of Integrity, Empathy, and Respect at all times.


*These are subject to change, depending on our school district's educational plan during the pandemic.


Students can earn Rock Star awards during class for outstanding efforts and teamwork! At the end of each month, one Rock Star student per class will be randomly selected to be honored on the "Star of the Month" board, and may choose their own seat during class for the following month!


All students who consistently display our district's core values and make an effort to follow our music room expectations will receive a Reward Day at the end of each grading quarter. Students will vote on their favorite music games to play together that day. All game choices will help to enforce music concepts that we have learned in class, and provide a chance for collaboration and creativity!


When a student makes a choice that does not align with our music room expectations or district core values, it will count as a "strike" and will be recorded. Students who accumulate 5 strikes within a grading quarter will complete an alternate music review activity on their own during Reward Day. If multiple rules are broken within one class period that significantly disrupts the flow of class, an Oops slip will be sent home that describes the behavior and requests a parent signature.