JHIS Music

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis



We show our district's Core Values of Integrity, Respect, and Empathy and. . .

M = Make good choices.

U = Use kind words.

S = Show respect.

I = Involve yourself.

C = Care for the room and instruments.



Students can earn Rock Star slips during class for outstanding efforts and teamwork! At the end of each month, one Rock Star student per class will be randomly selected to be honored on the "Star of the Month" board and may choose their own seat during class for the following month!


All students who consistently display our district's core values and make an effort to follow our music room expectations will receive a Reward Day at the end of the grading quarter. Students will be vote on their favorite music games to play together that day. They may also be given time to explore a variety of interactive music games, apps, and websites on their Chromebooks. All game choices will help to enforce music concepts that we have learned in class, and provide a chance for creativity!


When a student makes a choice to break a music room expectation or district core value, it will count as a "strike" and will be recorded. If multiple rules are broken within one class period that significantly disrupts the flow of class, an Oops! slip will be sent home that describes the behavior and requests a parent signature. Students that accumulate 5 strikes within a grading quarter will complete an alternate music review activity on their own during Reward Day.