We help student-athletes get recruited to play the sports they love in college.

Welcome to Wisepreps

At Wisepreps, we understand student-athletes unique challenges in pursuing their academic and athletic goals. Our dedicated team is committed to helping student-athletes navigate the path toward a successful college experience. Here are some of the critical services that we provide:

NCAA & NAIA Eligibility

Ensuring that student-athletes meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the NCAA and NAIA, opening doors to collegiate athletic opportunities.

Film Edits

Providing professional film editing services to showcase a student-athlete's skills and abilities to potential college coaches.

Character Development

Fostering personal growth and leadership skills in student-athletes to help them succeed both on and off the field.

Contacting Coaches

Assisting student-athletes in reaching out to college coaches and establishing meaningful connections for recruitment opportunities.

Unofficial & Official Visits

Facilitating visits to college campuses, both unofficial and official, to help student-athletes make informed decisions about their future.

Social Media

Supporting student-athletes in building a strong online presence to showcase their talents and engage with college coaches and recruiters.


Supporting student-athletes in maintaining academic excellence while balancing the demands of their athletic pursuits.

College Guidance

Guiding student-athletes through the college selection and application process to find the best fit for their academic and athletic goals.

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