Community Service & CAS. Film/Photography. Computer Systems, Programming and Robotics

My name is Kerri Richardson Redding and I joined the WIS Community in 2013. Currently I serve as the Community Service & CAS Coordinator; teach the elective courses Computer Programming, Systems and Robotics (CPSR), Photography and Film (PAF), and Robotics; serve as the Grade Level Coordinator for the Class of 2018; co-lead a faculty learning group called "Discussing Diversity" focused on issues of diversity and equity; co- faculty sponsor of the MS Robotics Club and faculty sponsor for the US Student Diversity Leadership Collaborative (SDLC).

During the past few summers I have had the privilege to be a member of the faculty for the Washington International School Summer Institute for Teachers (WISSIT) where I have served as a co-learning group leader and lead interactive courses about using media to make thinking visible using Project Zero Thinking Routines, cultivating a culture of thinking and the disposition of a culturally competent global citizen.

Photo Credit: Ndidi Igbozuruike