A Parent's Guide to RULER

What is RULER?

RULER is our district approved social-emotional learning program. It is evidence-based to teach social-emotional learning to all ages with the goal of creating a healthier, more compassionate, innovative, and more equitable society. The RULER approach acknowledges the value and impact of emotions in everyday effectiveness.

Recognizing emotions in oneself and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labeling emotions with a robust vocabulary

Expressing emotions in accordance with cultural norms and social context

Regulating emotions with helpful strategies

The RULER program aims to help people of all ages to recognize emotions in a non-judgmental manner. If emotions are not desirable for a given situation, the RULER program aims to provide strategies to help people self-regulate and get back to a more desirable mood.

The RULER Tools

The RULER program focuses on four core tools. Students, staff, and parents should be familiar with these tools to use not only in the classroom, but also to life outside of the classroom.


The Charter is the first piece of RULER that is introduced in the classroom. Its purpose is to create a positive culture and climate. It represents a collective agreed-upon norms for how everyone would like to be treated. There are three key questions to help guide this discussion and creation of this document.

1. How do we want to feel in school each day?

2. What will we do to have these feelings consistently and create a positive learning environment?

3. How will we prevent and manage conflict and unwanted feelings?

Charter Overview

Mood Meter

The Mood Meter allows students to be aware of their emotions and gives them the vocabulary to identify how they feel. It asks students to recognize how they're feeling.

Mood Meter Overview


A Meta-Moment provides students with a process for how to respond to their emotional situations along with strategies that will help support them to be their best self.

Meta-Moment Overview


If a conflict does arise, a Blueprint supports the development of empathy and conflict resolution by coming up with the steps to resolving the conflict.

Blueprint Overview