Strategic Plan

Engage, Empower, Inspire

Last year, D39 launched an effort to develop a new multi-year strategic plan for the district. The Board of Education unanimously approved a five-year plan during its September 2021 meeting that gives the district a roadmap that focuses on the most essential, key initiatives while accomplishing collective excellence for our students.

District 39 is currently in the planning stage as it prepares to begin implementing the elements of this plan.

Goal 1: Student Achievement and Growth

GOAL: Ensure a differentiated education that provides a strong foundation of rigorous academic learning


  1. Differentiate instruction and supports to ensure and monitor a strong academic foundation of challenging, meaningful, and growth-oriented experiences for all students.

  2. Implement structured staff collaboration focused on data-informed practices to support rigorous achievement and growth for all students.

  3. Provide differentiated professional development opportunities to support effective, innovative and growth-focused classroom practices.

Goal 2: Supportive Community

GOAL: Cultivate a supportive and inclusive learning community that is responsive to the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of each student.


  1. Implement a consistent and proactive curriculum addressing social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students.

  2. Strengthen the sense of belonging, engagement, representation, and agency for students through diverse, welcoming opportunities for community building leadership and student-to-student connections.

Goal 3: Professional Community

GOAL: Foster a professional community that values, supports, develops, and retains highly effective staff.


  1. Improve collaborative and shared decision-making structures to strengthen representation, engagement, and agency for staff.

  2. Cultivate a more equitable and inclusive learning community by developing staff expertise to support diverse learners through differentiated instruction and culturally supportive teaching.

Goal 4: Family Partnerships

GOAL: Strengthen partnerships by connecting, collaborating, and communicating with families and communities to advance teaching and learning.


  1. Improve school-home communication through more consistent and effective strategies, especially those focused on communicating student performance, goal-setting, and growth monitoring.

  2. Implement strategies to better support successful transitions from 4th-5th and 6th-7th grades for students and parents.

Goal 5: Stewardship of Resources

GOAL: Ensure the effective use of resources to sustain practices that promote growth.


  1. Implement long-term capital planning focused on facility maintenance.

  2. Examine resource allocation practices, including staffing, based on best instructional models and techniques.

Presentation of Strategic Plan

NOTE: This presentation was made during the District 39 Board of Education meeting on Sept. 27, 2021.

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