Strategic Plan

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In Fall 2021, District 39 launched an effort to develop a new multi-year strategic plan for the district.  The Board of Education unanimously approved a five-year plan during its September 2021 meeting that gives the district a roadmap that focuses on the most essential, key initiatives while accomplishing collective excellence for our students. 

A visual representation of our progress-to-goal for key performance indicators (KPIs) can be found on our D39 Strategic Plan Dashboard. Additionally, our Fall 2023 progress report that details our 2022-23 accomplishments and 2023-24 high-priority action steps can be accessed here.

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Strategic Plan Showcase Video

Click here for a printable PDF version of our 2021-26 Strategic Plan.

Goal 1: Student Achievement and Growth

GOAL: Ensure a differentiated education that provides a strong foundation of rigorous academic learning


ACTION STEPS (2023-24):

Goal I action steps from previous years: 2021-22 | 2022-23 | Strategic Plan Progress Report (Fall 2023)

Goal 2: Supportive Community

GOAL: Cultivate a supportive and inclusive learning community that is responsive to the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of each student.


ACTION STEPS (2023-24):

Goal II action steps from previous years: 2021-22 | 2022-23 | Strategic Plan Progress Report (Fall 2023)

Goal 3: Professional Community

GOAL: Foster a professional community that values, supports, develops, and retains highly effective staff.


ACTION STEPS (2023-24):

Goal III action steps from previous years: 2021-22 | 2022-23 | Strategic Plan Progress Report (Fall 2023)

Goal 4: Family Partnerships

GOAL: Strengthen partnerships by connecting, collaborating, and communicating with families and communities to advance teaching and learning.


ACTION STEPS (2023-24):

Goal IV action steps from previous years: 2021-22 | 2022-23 | Strategic Plan Progress Report (Fall 2023)

Goal 5: Stewardship of Resources

GOAL: Ensure the effective use of resources to sustain practices that promote growth.


ACTION STEPS (2023-24):

Note: Action steps 1-4 are regular items on Board of Education meeting agendas throughout the year. Therefore, the information, discussions, and presentations can be found on the district website.

Goal V action steps from previous years: 2021-22 | 2022-23 | Strategic Plan Progress Report (Fall 2023)

District Strategic Advisory Team

As we build a strong foundation of leadership, collaborative decision-making, and ongoing progress review and monitoring for our 2021-26 Strategic Plan, we have assembled a District Strategic Advisory Team to assist with this important work.  The District Strategic Advisory Team of representative stakeholders reviews, informs, and evaluates implementation of the strategic plan as well as the related annual action planning and performance. The purpose of the D39 Strategic Advisory Team is to continuously provide input and study progress related to the strategic plan in order to guide improvements, action plans, and progress monitoring as well as suggest adjustments to planning and next steps.  

The D39 Strategic Advisory Team is not a voting body; rather, rather it helps establish and review key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide decisions on refinement and implementation of action plans. This group makes recommendations to the superintendent regarding adjustments to action plans, implementation and progress monitoring, and is responsible for reviewing and providing feedback action plans, monitoring accountability in plan progress, and ensuring voice, agency and representation in decision-making. 


The D39 Strategic Plan Advisory Team is comprised of representative stakeholders from district administration, teacher and support staff union leadership, parents, educational professionals, and members of the Board of Education. Each member serves a two-year term, with an appliation process in place to fill vacancies as needed. 

District Strategic Advisory Team (2023-24)

District Superintendent/Facilitator
Dr. Kari Cremascoli

District 39 Representatives (2)
Allyson Paflas (Member of the Board of Education)
Amy Poehling (Member of the Board of Education)

Goal Champions (6)
Goal 1 - Katie Lee (Administrator for Curriculum and Instructions) and Kristin Swanson (Administrator for Student Services)
Goal 2 - Kelly Jackson (Principal, Highcrest)
Goal 3 - Heather Glowacki (Assistant Superintendent)
Goal 4 - Tony DeMonte (Administrator for Technology, Information, and Safety)
Goal 5 - Corey Bultemeier (Business Manager)

School Administrators (6)
Cindy Anderson (Principal, Romona)
Jackie Brennan (Assistant Principal, Harper)
Kate Dominique (Principal, Wilmette Junior High School)
Anthony Haduch (Assistant Principal, McKenzie)
Linda Moric (Grade Level Administrator, Highcrest)
Nicole Ryan (Grade Level Administrator, WJHS)

District Parents/Families (5)
Sarah Black (Wilmette Junior High)
Sharon Hofmann (Harper)
Joe McGann (Wilmette Junior High)
Megan Roberts (Highcrest)
Marc Wilson (McKenzie)

Wilmette Education Association (WEA) Member (1)
Jessica Rylach (McKenzie)

Wilmette Support Staff Union (SSU) Members (1)
Michelle McGregor (MEC)

Presentation of Strategic Plan

NOTE: This presentation was made during the District 39 Board of Education meeting on Sept. 27, 2021.

Please visit our website for more information on our strategic plan process and an archive of past District 39 strategic plans.