COVID Recovery Tutoring

COVID Recovery Tutoring

As part of the American Rescue Plan created by the federal government, grant funds are available to District 39 that are specifically dedicated to assisting with students in their recovery from learning loss. We have determined that these funds will be allocated to support an online, 1:1 tutoring program for those who exhibited low growth on MAP during the 2019-20 school year.

Students' eligibility will be determined through a prioritization process, which includes those with low growth, low achievement in both reading and math, low growth, low achievement in either reading or math, and then moving to students with low growth, high achievement.

District 39 is partnering with Varsity Tutors to provide this 1:1 tutoring. With Varsity Tutors, students will be paired with expert math and/or ELA tutors who personalize sessions to each student’s individual learning needs. During their tutoring sessions, students will engage in evidence-based instruction in the areas where they need the most support to meet and exceed grade-level expectations.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding our partnership with Varsity Tutoring.

Varsity Tutors FAQ

Can you tell me more about this program and Varsity Tutors?

In March 2021, the American Rescue Plan (ARP) was signed into law. ARP dedicated $122 billion to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. This grant is known as ESSER III. The intent and purpose of ESSER III is to help safely reopen, sustain the healthy and safe operation of schools, and address the impact of the coronavirus on students. District 39 will utilize ESSER III funds to address the impact COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on our students and schools. District 39 is required by statute to set aside 20% of its total ESSER III allocation to address learning loss, and these services will be used to support an online tutoring program for eligible students.

Students’ eligibility will be based on their MAP growth scores during the 2020-21 school year. Families of eligible students will have the option of signing up for 1:1 online tutoring with Varsity Tutors, with a specific number of hours paid for by District 39. If parents want to continue to work with Varsity Tutors after they have used up their District 39 allocated hours, they are able to contract directly with Varsity Tutors.

Varsity Tutors works with dozens of school districts in Illinois and across the country to address learning loss from time spent out of school and/or in online learning. Participating districts/institutions grant access to select parents, who can claim a credit for a certain amount of tutoring time. Based on information gained about students’ academic performance, learning styles, extra-curricular interests, and personal preferences, Varsity uses an award-winning matching algorithm to place students with a private tutor who will serve as their learning coach throughout the semester. This includes covering concepts from school that may require additional explanation, assistance with assignments, preparation for tests, and anything else the student may identify as support needed to ensure optimal performance this school year. For more information, please see Varsity Tutor’s website.

My child struggled last year, why didn't they receive tutoring services?

Learning through the pandemic was hard on all students, however, some students demonstrated significantly more difficulty than others. In reviewing student performance, the District identified those students who struggled to make adequate growth on MAP during the 2020-21 school year. Younger students and students who did not participate in MAP will be given priority for supplemental summer learning opportunities during the Summer Enrichment Program at the conclusion of this school year (Summer, 2022).

My child is eligible for tutoring services. What criteria was used to determine this?

Students were determined to be eligible for tutoring services based on their growth on MAP during the 2020-21 school year. Additional information was collected based on their fall MAP performance. Priority lists were developed based on the following criteria:

  • Low Growth/Low Achievement in both reading and math

  • Low Growth/Low Achievement in either reading or math

  • Low Growth/High Achievement in both reading and math

      • 6th-8th grade students (hybrid or remote learning most of last year)

      • 3rd-5th grade students who were remote last year

      • 3rd-5th grade students who were in person last year

  • Low Growth/High Achievement in either reading or math

My child is not eligible for tutoring through the school but this program sounds interesting. Can I get tutoring on my own?

Yes, any district family can contact Varsity Tutors and set up their own program. Varsity Tutors will be happy to work with you and since Wilmette District 39 has an existing relationship, Varsity Tutors has indicated that families are eligible for a discount.

Additionally, there are many other options for tutoring services that parents can pursue on their own. These include the following (not exhaustive) list of options:

Best Step Tutoring

    • Free online tutoring

    • PreK-12 grades

    • All subjects

    • Qualified high school & college student volunteers

District 39 Teachers

    • Many District 39 teachers are willing to tutor students. There are restrictions placed on who can tutor (e.g., a child’s current teacher cannot tutor the child outside of school), but this is an excellent option.

    • Building secretaries have the list of tutors if you’d like to pursue this option


    • Grades K-12

    • Free diagnostic assessment

    • Expert tutors

    • 1:1 live online tutoring packages

Tutor Doctor

    • Elementary and middle school

    • Online/In-home tutoring

    • 1:1 tutoring

    • Trained in education

Club Z!

    • PreK-12 grades

    • All subjects

    • Online/in-home tutoring

    • Certified teachers