My research methodology informs my research led teaching and focuses on the classic and contemporary texts of peace and conflict theory. The main emphasis of my work seeks to evaluate and develop key approaches to peace for their efficacy in contemporary conflicts. For example, my research has critically evaluated the methods of Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management and Conflict Transformation all of which are classical approaches to peace and human needs development. These approaches also underpin conflict prevention and peacebuilding developments and bring together the analysis of right and left wing actors. Overall, my approach to understand the effectiveness of classical and contemporary conflict intervention methods, brings together theory and practise, with a critical evaluation to inform current conflict intervention policy. Such an approach underpins a normative research agenda in international relations and bridges across peace and conflict theory to develop policy in various conflict settings.

Research Interests:

  • Peace and Conflict Studies (Human Needs in Conflict)

  • Health Security in Conflict

  • International Mediation, Models and Process

  • Conflict Intervention Analysis:

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Transformation

Post Conflict Peace-building

Crisis Intervention and Humanitarian Development

  • Political Theology & Religious Conflict

  • Humanitarian Photography on Suffering


Monograph: (Completion 2019) W. W. Thomson "Intervention: Israel-Palestine - Beyond Oslo”.

Monograph under review: W. W. Thomson “Securitisation and Civil Resistance: A Dynamic of Israel-Palestinian Relations’".

Book Reviews

Thomson, W.W., (2016). Book Review: Yair Hirschfeld, Track-Two Diplomacy toward an Israeli-Palestinian Solution 1978-2014. . Journal of Terrorism Research. 7(2), pp.103–105. DOI:

Journal Articles

  • Thomson, W. W. “Mapping Health Insecurities in Palestine and Israel.” Journal of Peacebuilding & Development. (In progress).

  • Thomson, W. W. “Negotiating Health Security Needs in Syria”. (In progress) Journal of International Humanitarian Action.

  • Thomson, W. W. “Post Conflict Health Transitions in British Military Veterans”. Journal of Global Peace and Conflict. (In preparation).

  • Thomson, W. W. “Mediating Humanitarian Access Corridors in Protracted Conflict”. (In preparation).

  • Thomson, W. W. ‘Sustained Transformative Mediation in the Israel-Palestine Conflict’. (Under Review)

  • Thomson, W. W. “Syria: Mediating Humanitarian Access Corridors in Conflict”. (In preparation).