Lecturing & Modules

Humanitarian Consultant - University of Leiden 2020

Humanitarian Field Training - Hostile Environment and Remote Medical Aid for Conflict and Crisis


Providing training to MSc International Studies & Crisis Management Students

Humanitarian Consultant - University of St Andrews 2017,18,19

Humanitarian Field Training - Hostile Environment and Remote Medical Aid for Conflict and Crisis


Providing training to Masters International Relations & Global Health Students

Lecturer - University of St Andrews 2018

MSc in Global Health

Lecturer: Global Health & Health Security in Conflict

School of Medicine

MD5204 - Globalisation & Health

  1. Global Health & Globalisation
  2. Health Security in Conflict and Crises
  3. Migration and Environmental Challenges to Global Health
  4. Health & Global Justice

MD5205 - Inequalities and Inequities in Global Health

  1. Global Health, Inequalities and Iniquities
  2. The Internationalisation of Health
  3. Health Inequalities – Race & Ethnicity
  4. Ethical Intervention in Global Health

Research Fellow - University of Loughborough (2016-2018)

Dept. Politics, History and International Relations

Visiting Research Fellow: (CoI) - Leverhume research proposal 2017, in collaboration with Professor Ruth Kinna.

Humanitarian Consultant - University of Manchester 2017

Humanitarian Field Training - Hostile Environment and Remote Medical Aid for Conflict and Crisis


Providing training for the Humanitarian & Conflict Response Institute Masters students

Lecturer - University of Manchester (2016-17)

Lecturer in Humanitarianism & Conflict Response

HCRI - Humanitarian & Conflict Response Institute

1. Module: Humanitarianism and Conflict Response: Inquiries (SALC60031)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer (Postgraduate)

2. Module: Emergency Humanitarian Assistance (SALC62212)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer (Professional Development Course)


3. Module: MSc Research Methods in Global Health (SALC78000)

Roles Module convener and lecturer. (Postgraduate)

4. Module: MSc Global Health Dissertation (SALC70000)

Roles: Dissertation advisor and module convener. (Postgraduate)

5. Module: Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response in Practice (SALC11071)

Roles: Lecturer and tutor (Undergraduate)

6. Module: Humanitarian Governance and Society (SALC11082)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer. (Undergraduate)

7. Module: Humanitarian Challenges in an Unequal World (UCOL)

Role: Lecturer. (Undergraduate)

8. Module: Research Methodology in Global Health (SALC30051)

Roles: Module convener, lecturer and tutor. (Undergraduate)

9. Module: Development Studies (MOOC Online Course)

Role: Course instructor

Lecturer - University of St Andrews (2013, 2015-16)

Lecturer in Critical Human Security

School of International Relations

1. Module: MA Security Studies – Critical Security Studies (IR5036)

Roles: Module development, lecturer and tutor. (Postgraduate 2015-16)

2. Module: Power and Violence in World Politics (IR2003)

Roles: Teaching and tutoring. (Undergraduate 2013)

Lecturer - University of Glasgow (2014-15)

School of Politics and International Relations (Teaching Fellow)

1. Module: Narratives of Conflict in Israel-Palestine (Two modules)

Roles: Course development, teaching fellow. (Undergraduate)


Conference Papers

Conference: Centre for Ethno-Religious Mediation, ICERM, New York, November 2016.

  • Theme: “Exploring the Shared Values in the Abrahamic Religious Traditions.
  • Paper: "Mediating Monotheism: Who Mediates in Interfaith Dialogue?".

Conference: ECPR General Conference 2015, Montreal.

  • Section Co-Chair: Political Violence: Identity and Ideology
  • Paper: When Nonviolent Civil Resistance Fails – Exploring the relationship between political emancipation, nonviolent civil resistance and repressive political entities. (Accepted).

Conference: Conflict Research Society, University of Kent

  • Paper: Advancing Models of Transformative Mediation in Israel-Palestine, 2015, (Accepted).

Conference: ISA New Orleans

  • Panel: Identity and Conflict.
  • Chair: William W Thomson
  • Paper: The Importance of Joint Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Initiatives in Protracted Conflict

Conference: Sumud and the Wall, Bethlehem University, Palestine

  • Paper: Effective Non-Violent Action: The Wall and Beyond

Conference: Ethno-Politics and Intervention in a Globalised World, University of Exeter.

  • Paper: Evaluating the Impact of Bereavement Narratives in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Education

Conference: Peace and Conflict: Peace Studies University of Bradford, UK

  • Paper: Protest and Process Reconciliation: The Fight Beyond the Israeli Security Barrier

Conference: London, Stockwell Green Community Services. Exploring how third sector charities and educational institutions support one another, in tackling extremism.

  • Paper: The Role of Education in Addressing Extremism.

Conference: International conference on New Directions for International Relations, at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Herziliya, Israel.

  • Paper: Practising Soft-Power-Peacemaking: A Rational Choice Theory?

Conference: CICA-STR, International Conference on Political Violence and Collective Aggression. Jordanstown, Northern Ireland 2-5 September 2009.

  • Panel: Conflict, Violence and the Role of Government and Other Actors
  • Paper: The Role of NGO’s in Protracted Conflict


1. Workshop: University of Manchester, December 2016. Humanitarian & Conflict Response Institute - Global Development institute. William W. Thomson - On ‘Conflict Camps: The Lessons of Agency and Resilience in Post Conflict Peacebuilding’ ​

2. Workshop: University of St Andrews, School of Management, Third Sector Research Forum - Discussing the Process and Impact of Third Sector (NGO) Reconciliation Initiatives.

3. Workshop Facilitator: London Conference, UK July 2009, Stockwell Green Community Services.

4. Workshop facilitator: Third sector initiatives to address extremism in the UK. Sectors involved, police, government, social workers, religious bodies and academics. Concluding report submitted.

5. Workshop: Israel & Palestinian Territories, Sea of Galilee

6. Workshop: Paper developed for Israeli-Palestinian youth reconciliation project, “messengers of reconciliation”. Discussion paper on the meaning of ‘soft-power,’ and how it can be applied to the reconciliation framework.

7. Workshop: University of St Andrews, Peace and Conflict 1 May 2008. Discussion paper entitled “Setting the Agenda for Soft-Power-Peacemaking within International Relations.”