Wayfinder Program

Welcome to the Wayfinder Program for 2019-2020!

Wild Whatcom's all gender teen program is available to young adults in high school or nearly high school. The goal of the Wayfinder Program is to help participants forge and strengthen their confidence in themselves, their intrapersonal skills, and deepen their connections with the natural world. As participants learn about our wild Earth, area history, and skills to be comfortable in the outdoors, they will also learn about what it means to be authentic, engaged, and compassionate stewards and community members.

Wayfinders will roam from Komo Kulshan to the Salish Sea over the course of their season, working as a team to guide and support each other through their explorations. Mentors will also walk alongside the Wayfinders as they wander through the transitions of adolescence, offering them a place to reflect upon the powers inherited along the way to adulthood.

Participants of the Wayfinders Program will maintain Wild Whatcom’s core values:

Exploring, Serving, and Connecting

Our annual offerings include two all gender groups -- each having three (3) extended exploration and skills outings, one (1) service outing, and two (2) combined campouts to bookend the season.

There are also opportunities for Wayfinders to join the Explorers Mentoring Apprentice (EMA) program. Being an EMA is a way for Wayfinders to work with younger explorers in Wild Whatcom’s Explorers Club and enjoy the landscapes, games, skills, and knowledge instilled in the Explorers Club experience. An EMA has the opportunity to experience this as a mentor and learn some of the subtleties of “leading from behind”.

We hope the Wayfinder experience is richly rewarding, sometimes challenging, and always fun. We look forward to helping facilitate the experience of participants not only in finding their way on the trails, but finding their way into adulthood and their most authentic selves.


Jasmine Vilar (she/her/hers) | (509) 844-4536 | jasmine@wildwhatcom.org