Explorers Club

Welcome to the Explorers Club 2019-20 season!

We are so excited to explore, serve, and connect with groups old and new this season. Whatcom County and the surrounding areas have so much to offer us and we can't wait to see what we can find and learn! Throughout the year, Explorers will gain naturalist knowledge, leadership skills, and lasting connection to nature and community.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Explorers Club Gathering in September - check back soon for details! Join us at Lake Padden Park (East Entrance) near the playground/ball fields.

Contact Info

Boys Explorers Club (BEC): Joey Christianson (he/him/his) | boysprogram@wildwhatcom.org

Girls Explorers Club (GEC): Stormie Romero (she/her/hers) | stormie@wildwhatcom.org

All Gender Explorers Club (AGEC): Ellen Reiche (they/them/theirs) | ellen@wildwhatcom.org

Wayfinder Teen Program: Jasmine Vilar (she/her/hers) | jasmine@wildwhatcom.org

Registrar & Administrative Coordinator: Lisa Meucci (she/her/hers) | lisa@wildwhatcom.org