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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

This year looks different than most, but I am optimistic that together we can adapt to and overcome any challenges our world gives us. On this website you can find resources for the 2020-2021 school year, including navigating Google Classroom and online assignments, videos on topics such as "Learning with Videos" and "Academic Integrity and Distance Learning", an overview of the hybrid and remote learning formats, course syllabi, and parent forms.

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2020 Update: While in the hybrid model and/or remote learning, we will not be utilizing shared books from the classroom library as often as we have in the past. It will primarily be Young Adult Literature that uses the classroom library for their independent reading lists. Precautions will be taken to minimalize handling of books during book selection and individual books will be "isolated" between uses. YA Adult students may also use digital devices and/or their own novels when possible.

Instead of classroom library books, other classes will use the course novels/textbooks, handed out at the beginning of the year, as well as digital books as applicable.

A Note About the Classroom Library

I have an extensive classroom library that grows each year, mostly through donations. As with any library, I have not personally read all of the books. While I do not feel any of the books are inappropriate, and will occasionally remove a donated title that I find not fitting, each student has a different level of maturity and interest in certain topics. In addition, the students in my classroom can range from twelve years old to nineteen years old and I try to include books for all these reading levels and/or interests. The books in my classroom library are for independent reading requirements, so students are free to pick their own books to read, as long as they are reading. If a student checks out a book they are uncomfortable reading they can simply return it. Parents are encouraged to see what their students are reading and monitor as needed.

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