Spring 2021 Remote Meetings

Due to COVID-19, WCSC will be holding all meetings online for the Spring 2020 semester. This page describes the different resources that WCSC will use and what they will be used to accomplish. New members are encouraged to visit our New Members page.

This page will be updated, if necessary, to reflect the needs of the organization. For questions, please contact @Jules on slack or email eboard@whitehatters.org.

  • Intro to WCSC & First Blue Team Meeting, Wednesday, January 20, 5 PM EST: Direct Teams Link

  • CTF Meetings, time and day to be determined

Slack is a channel-based chat platform that has served as WCSC’s primary communication platform for several years. Slack can be accessed online or by downloading the Slack desktop or mobile apps. Please visit wcscusf.slack.com to join the WCSC Slack channel.

Slack will continue to serve as the primary method of communication outside of meetings as it has during previous semesters.

Microsoft Teams provides a wide range of features, including channel-based chats, video conferencing, and file storage. Access to Teams (and other Office software) is provided to students through USF’s Office 365 subscription or online at teams.microsoft.com. To join the WCSC team, click here or search for WCSC under the “Join or create a team” option in the “Teams” panel. Once you've joined the team, you can add the events to your calendar using the links in the General channel.

Teams will fill the role of a virtual classroom; think of it in the same way as our meeting room on campus. Teams will be used for video conferencing during our online meetings. Discussion outside of these meetings will take place on Slack like any other semester.

BullSync is the student organization management platform deployed by USF and offers many services such as event announcements, attendance tracking, and co-curricular transcripts. Click here to visit the WCSC BullSync page.

WCSC officers have looked into increasing club participation by taking advantage of BullSync, and this semester provides a unique opportunity to do so. BullSync will be used to track member attendance, announce meetings and events, and is tentatively scheduled as the platform for the Fall officer elections.

The mailing list allows officers to keep members up-to-date on events and meetings through email. Unlike BullSync, however, the mailing list is open to everyone, such as alumni and community partners. The club’s strong relationship with our alumni is a great benefit to current students. Create a new account on the USF listserv, and sign-up for the mailing list!

Announcements will also be made through the mailing list to keep alumni up-to-date. Students are encouraged to sign up to ensure they are informed.

Discord is another chat application, primarily used for gaming. The WCSC Blue Team will be using Discord during their meetings as it provides easy access to streaming, allowing members to share their screen and collaborate easily. Similar to Teams think of this as a virtual classroom. More information can be found in the #blueteam channel on Slack.