Game Hacking


Video game hacking is becoming an increasingly popular category for CTF competitions. Game hacking has been featured at CSAW, Nullcon, and even at DEFCON CTF. The following resources and tools are great for learning game hacking.

Learning Resources

Great book with step by step examples for hacking games and developing bots, including several example games to hack!

Unfortunately, not available through the USF library. Often goes on sale through Humble Bundle, though.

Download the games!

Cheat Engine Tutorials

While most tutorials included with free software is lacking, the tutorial included for Cheat Engine is actually really well done!

To start the tutorial, check out the section on Cheat Engine below! Start Cheat Engine, then click Help>Cheat Engine Tutorial.

Pwn Adventure 3 is a MMO designed by Vector 35 and fuzyll, an alumni of ours you can find hanging out in our Slack! Pwn Adventure is designed to be hacked, and was part of Ghost in the Shellcode 2015. Check out this play through by LiveOverflow.


Cheat Engine is a great, well rounded tool for hacking games. It includes a variety of features, including a memory scanner, debugger, disassembler, and more!

Debugger and assembly editor for .NET. Great for reverse engineering games built in Unity!

A program for loading mod files made by others (or by you!!)

General purpose .NET assembly modding "basework"