CTF Basics


CTFs, like most things in life, follow some basic patterns. For example, one of the most popular CTF formats is the jeopardy format, a style that groups challenges by type or difficulty and presents them as boxes on a "Jeopardy" board. The following resources help explain some of the lingo and how CTFs are played in general.

Learning Resources

An introduction to CTFs, include tutorials on various topics such as vulnerability creation and forensics.

List of CTFs and Wargames from Trail of Bits

Another great introduction to CTFs, including explanations of several different CTF topics.

The WCSC 24/7 CTF Game!


Say hi to the WCSC CTF Bot, based on the OTA-Challenge-Bot from OpenToAllCTF! Check out the commands on the linked github page, or just type !intro in slack

Setup scripts for commonly used security tools

A curated list of tools useful for CTFs

Linux distribution that includes many tools for penetration testing

Another (and some argue better) linux distro for pentesting