Whitehatters Computer Security Club

The Whitehatters Computer Security Club (WCSC) is a Student Government Activity and Service funded organization at the University of South Florida. WCSC was originally founded in 2005 with the goal of developing a competitive team to play in DEFCON's Capture the Flag competition. WCSC is open to students of all majors interested in cybersecurity and cybersecurity competitions and is a Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) student organization.

We hold several meetings every semester open to all skill levels. Members of WCSC have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with real-world security problems. We strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for our members to learn, grow, and become ideal candidates for information security positions after graduation.


Our weekly meetings happen every Friday of the Spring and Fall semesters. The talks are about anything related to security -- binary exploitation, networks, cryptography, red/blue teaming, operating systems, hardware. Please let us know if you are interested in doing a technical presentation in one of our meetings, we will love you to! Please check our Calendar or Announcements pages to find out the time and location of these meetings, as they might change.


An excellent way of understanding how cyber attacks work is by being the attacker. Every Spring and Fall semester, we try to meet once a week specifically to research, understand, and exploit vulnerabilities. You may also hear others refer to these meetings as "exploitation," or "CTF training" meetings, and we are always eager to have new members join us.


There is an asymmetry in security, and that is because attackers have it easier than defenders. As defenders, we have to get it right a hundred percent of the times to succeed, whereas an attacker only has to get it right once. To be good enterprise networks' defenders, we participate in cyber-defense competitions. Check our Calendar or Announcements pages to find training meetings for these competitions. We call them "Blue Team" or "CCDC training" meetings.