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There are five main goals of the CFCE grant   

Increase knowledge of and accessibility to high quality early education and care programs and services for families with children prenatal through school age.  

Promote parent education, family engagement and early literacy.  

Facilitate collaboration and community planning between local early education and care partners and other community stakeholders, including parents.  

Provide support and information to families with children transitioning between and among early education and care settings, home and school.  

Support early education and care programs across the public and private sectors in delivering high quality services.  

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Weymouth CFCE Strengthens Families:

1.Each family is unique and all families represent diverse structures.

2.Diversity is expressed and experienced at multiple levels

3.Building a respectful, trusting, and reciprocal relationship is the shared responsibility

4.Families are their child’s first and best advocate.

5.Family engagement must be equitable.