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What's it all about?

Using sourced pieces, Buffering explores the experience of living through this extraordinary time in our lives - the highs and the lows, the connection and the separation that has come with a global health threat, political upheaval, consciousness shifting, and just living through these times.

Many thanks to the talented folks who helped make this vision a reality:


Dominick Borges

Sarah Brown

Jade Brunner

Viren Conner

Gaia Corvino

Jonah Elbaum

Archer Ercambrack

Owen Finley

Lucy Gerston

Evelyn Hicks

Quincy Koch

Henry Parker

Daven Rikhof

Lachlan Swanson


Cassidy Hayes-McQueen

Rhiannon Hayes-McQueen

Lauren Kimball

Leah Morgan

Cece Pyfer

Lachlan Swanson

Ruth Whitby


Cosmo Davis

Johanna Duncan

Archer Ercambrack

Zachary Hanczyc

Gabi Meredith

Nick Piriano


Taylor Cole

Gaia Corvino

Archer Ercambrack

Cassidy Hayes-McQueen

Cece Pyfer

Lachlan Swanson

Ruth Whitby

TEchnical Team

Andrew Finley - Director / Editor

Ethan Thomas - Music Director

Taylor Fritts - Vocal Director

Alex Wren - Technical Director / Video Production / Editor

Katie Savage - Lighting Designer

Sam Cleary - Video Production

Bianca Custer - Poster & Social Media Design

Jenn Devenyns - Executive Producer / Chief Cat Herder

Special thanks

Joey DiJulio

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