Student Services Coordinator

Students can request transcripts be sent to a college via the Parchment website (link below).


  • Maintain Great Attendance

  • Encourage Contact between Parents and Teachers

  • Involve Yourselves in Educational Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Seek Counseling Appointments for Guidance and Direction

  • Create and Maintain an Organizational System for Studies

  • Spend TWO HOURS OR MORE Each Night on Homework

  • Eat Breakfast or Dinner with Parents and Family Members

  • Display Positive Professional Behavior

  • Volunteer to Help Others with Studies and Activities

  • Contribute to Your Community and/or Church

  • Select a Mentor and Develop a Mentor/Protégé Relationship

  • Communicate with Your Teachers

  • Keep Current on Local, State, National, and World Events

  • Respect Elders

  • Be a Friend to Those in Need

  • Select a Positive Hobby

  • Achieve “Balance” in Your Life

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