WG/SU Teaching Center

Welcome to the West Genesee / Syracuse University Teaching Center

The Teaching Center was originally established in 1973. Subsequently it was funded by New York State in 1984 and established as a Teaching Center under Section 316 of New York State Education Law. The official title assigned to the center was, "Teacher Resource and Computer Training Center". Teaching Centers were created to provide professional support services to teachers in order to:

  • Assist teachers diagnose learning needs, experiment with the use of multiple instructional approaches, assess student outcomes, assess staff development needs and plans, and train other school personnel in effective pedagogical approaches.
  • Provide demonstration and training sites where teachers are trained specifically in the use of computers as teaching aides; the criteria for school acquisition and use of computer equipment and software; and the evaluation of computer-related materials.
  • Develop and produce curricula and curricular material designed to meet the educational needs of the students being served through application of educational research or new or improved methods, practices, and techniques.
  • Provide training to improve the skills of teachers in order to enable such teachers to meet the special educational needs of the pupils they serve, and to familiarize such teachers with developments in curriculum formulation and educational research, including the manner in which the research can be used to improve teaching skills.
  • Provide a location where teachers may share resources, ideas, methods and approaches directly related to classroom instruction and become familiar with current teaching materials and products for use in their classrooms and;
  • Retain teachers and other education personnel to become better qualified to teach in subject areas necessary to prepare students for the developing high technology era, in the disciplines of mathematics, science and computer technology.