Please check your Canvas Classroom for updates.

More information about the impacts of COVID-9 can be found on the Wenatchee School District main website.

Check the At-Home Learning page for information on tools, apps, games, and other resources to improve your playing from home.

Virtual Choir 3 is underway now!

There are currently two videos being produced by Wenatchee School District music teachers. Sing with one or both of them!

"Africa" by Toto

May Your Roads Be Straight and Narrow


VIDEO: The Benefits of Being In Music


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OMS 2019-2020 Schedule

We will be doing a lot of work through NoteNames, a free, downloadable application. I am able to track your progress automatically through Google Sheets. You just simply play the game and I watch you learn. Pretty cool, huh? You can find it below. Download it for your Mac or PC.