Learning Coach

Mandy Smith

mandy.smith@weldre4.org970-686-8100 ext. 3676

Book a Learning Coach for....

☞ Collaboration ☜

Together, let's: brainstorm, lesson plan, teach, reflect

☞ Locate Resources ☜

Have me search for ideas, technology resources or other resources for an upcoming lesson!

☞ Technology Support ☜

I can help you integrate technology into your course(s)! (Including Canvas)

☞ Planning/Reflecting ☜

Let me push your thinking as you create or reflect on a lesson, project or unit.

☞ Data Analysis ☜

You choose the type of data and we can dig in together!

☞ Personalized Learning Support ☜

Together we can explore various personalized learning models and set goals for your classroom.

☞ Classroom Assist ☜

I can assist in your classroom as another set of hands and eyes.

☞ In House P.D. ☜

Want to see what other teachers are doing in the building without losing out on your plan time?


I have a lot going on, is utilizing a Learning Coach going to feel like something extra added to my plate?

Definitely not! Coaching is about working together and having a thinking partner to support you in planning, teaching and working towards a goal that is meaningful to you. In fact, in many cases, the learning coach will help you to take things off your plate!

I’d love to work in a coaching cycle with my team. Is this a possibility?

Absolutely! Working with groups of teachers in a coaching cycle is a great way to support collaboration, try out peer observations, and work strategically towards a common goal.