Windsor High School

Learning Coach and Teacher Librarian

What is a Learning Coach?

A Learning Coach is a coach for teachers. We facilitate teachers by pushing their thinking about planning and implementing lessons, and we offer support to reflect on ideas and the lessons taught. A learning coach supports teachers, encourages exploration of the path of personalization, innovation and authenticity in the classroom and within their own professional learning.

A Learning Coach's goal is to empower students through collaboration with teachers, finding resources for them, listening and coaching them, and helping them to incorporate technology into instruction to increase student learning.

What is a Teacher Librarian?

Teacher librarians are librarians with teaching experience. As a teacher librarian, I have the opportunity to work with students and teachers providing many types of support. Teacher librarians also wear the hat of a learning coach at times. I support teachers through collaborating, consulting, providing resources, and teaching. Teacher librarians are instructional partners and information specialists.

Librarians purchase, catalog, curate, and maintain the library’s collection to enhance the curriculum. They also help people find books.

A Learning Coach is NOT....

- An Evaluator

- An Expert in Your Standards

- A Computer Technician