Frequently Asked Questions

What does NCMG stand for?

NCMG stands for National Certified Master Groomer.

What IS a Master Groomer?
A master groomer is a professional groomer who has completed the National Certified Master Groomer testing presented by the National Dog Groomer Association of America (NDGAA). The testing for this course is rigorous and very challenging. There is a technical test in short-legged terriers, long-legged terriers, sporting breeds, and non-sporting breeds. Along with the technical test there are 5 written tests including an intensive overall exam covering breed-standards, anatomy, and health questions.

What is competitive grooming?

Competitive grooming is a way for groomers to show off their skills in different catagories. This is something that not all groomers particate in, but at A Cut Above we love it! Groomers from all over the world come together to groom dogs in their breed speficic haircuts and are judged to standard by world renound judges. Grooming in this capacity allows us to build our skills, bond with our community, and have fun! We travel all over the country for these competitions where we are able to support each other and watch eachother grow.

Why should I care about my groomers' continued education?
The dog world is ever changing and staying up to date on the most current information allows us to provide your pet with the best quality and care possible. Our constant education in our salon keeps our love for grooming alive and allows us to expand our knowledge to benefit your loved one.

Where can I see what the salon has been up to recently?
Check out our facebook page for up to date information!

What is Hand Stripping?
Hand stripping is a technique that consists of pulling the hair from the skin using hand stripping tools or fingers. The technique preserves the natural and desired textures of wire coat breeds. It will give them a great texture. vibrant color, preserve the health of the skin, and create a sharp look without using clippers or scissors. Hand stripping has to be done since the beginning of your dogs grooming life, otherwise the hair becomes soft and silky after being clippered. Once this happens is extremely difficult to recover its intended form,

Is color safe for my dog?
Absolutely! Creative grooming is not for everyone. However, pets that do get color love the attention that it brings to them. All of the products we use in our salon are certified pet-safe and non-toxic. Most pets say "Extra pets???? Sign me up!".

How long will my dog be there for?
We are not a high volume shop and believe in a relaxed environment where things are done with positive reinforcement, not done by force. Every pet should have time to relax and take breaks if needed. We will not rush things or cut corners. You can expect your friend to be with us for between 2-3 hours.

What products do you use in your salon?
We are an all-inclusive salon and believe the quality of our products are very important. All of our products are non-toxic and pet-safe. We use a variety of shampoos including, Artero, iGroom, and Les Pooch.

Where do we keep the dogs?
We don't believe in a one-solution-fits-all holding situation for our clients. Some dogs prefer the privacy of their own kennel space, while others prefer to socialize and hang out with us while we groom! Every day is different and every pet is different.

What vaccines are required?
Puppies under six months require at least two series (2-4 weeks apart) before their first grooming session. Puppies should have a complete series of vaccines, but all we require is proof of the rabies vaccine per state law.

Do you groom cats?
Yes! Nathan is our wonderful cat groomer here, however he does have a system for selecting his kitty clients. Before any cat is accepted into our salon, Nathan does a meet and greet with them. If you are curious about our cat services, give him a call!

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