iNaturalist is a Citizen Science Program for making observations of nature.  It is also social media for a naturalist.

Time to get started:

iNaturalist Website 

iNaturalist has a guide for each of the three Minnesota Master Naturalist biomes - BWBR  |  NWGLPP 

Minnesota Lichen Map project

rickmeyermn inaturalist observations

Checklists - Minnesota

Minnesota Checklist  | MN Bumblebees  | MN Native Bees   |  MN Mammals   |  MN  Birds  |  MN Odonata (dragonflies and damsleflies) 

Observations by Location

Species Maps

The following maps have date ranges associated with them.  Next winter and spring we should be able to track the migration of these three species north.

crow wing county, mn observations
Observations as of February 23, 2020