Celebration of Learning


When we teach something to someone else, it helps us to learn at a higher level!

We are practicing what good readers do...Read, read and read some more!

Read to self, listen to reading and read to someone are great ways to practice reading strategies to improve reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Active Learning: Inside and Outside Physical Education - Building Movement Skills, Sportsmanship and Cooperation Through Active Play

No Snow?! No Problem!!!

We built a robot picture on one centimeter grid paper by following specific area requirements. Here are the beautiful work results...

School spirit days help us to remember the joy we have as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We find joy in learning! And sometimes we find ourselves just filled with woder at God's amazing world!

And sometimes ... we just want to have fun!

Our Chapel for April - Hope of the Nations - Isaiah 40:28-31

Hope of the Nations with Grade Two signs.mp4

Social Studies Project Based Learning: Driving Question and Our Response

Q: How can we celebrate the multicultural community of Canada as well as celebrate the unity that God's people have in Christ?

A: Let's find out the story of our class community as a small sample of our country. Let's discover the uniqueness of our classmates and celebrate God's family by learning, singing and praying together.

Celebrating Canada: A Multicultural Community

Enjoy some images of artifacts that are connected to the culture of our class community members.